Patrick McNaught

Born and raised in Calgary, Patrick has always had a passion for the outdoors and sports. He grew up playing hockey and football, and was usually busy with at least two practices or games every day.

Since mid-2014, running has been a huge part of Patrick’s life. Most workdays you’ll find him running on Calgary’s pathways or tackling the McHugh Bluff stairs, a popular workout spot amongst cardio enthusiasts. On weekends, he loves going out to the mountains for some elevation training.

Patrick has a full schedule this year consisting of 13 races. So far, he has three top-10 overall finishes in the Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) Calgary Race Series and he finished in 8th place at the Frozen Ass 50 km Ultramarathon. His greatest accomplishment this year was finishing the Toronto Goodlife Marathon in 8th place for his age category with a time of 3:01:49 and qualifying for the 2017 Boston Marathon.

For the remainder of 2016, Patrick will be attacking the road, trails, and mountains as he prepares to compete in Ultra Marathon and Marathon events.

Chocolate milk has been part of Patrick’s workout regime since playing hockey in high school. He finds it to be an easily accessible, low cost beverage that provides all the necessary nutrients needed after a hard workout. He prefers chocolate milk to most sports drinks because he knows what he is drinking due to the simple list of ingredients.

When Patrick is not running, you can find him working in the energy-industry in corporate Calgary and volunteering as a Director with the micro-finance organization, Open to Grow.

Follow Patrick’s running adventures on TwitterInstagram and his personal blog.

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Linda Wong

Linda Wong is a runner through and through but it hasn't always been that way.  With a few encouraging words and guidance from peers, she laced up her first pair of shoes just over 10 years ago and hasn't looked back.  Now, with over 150 races including a few ultramarathons, she's passionate about paying it forward and encouraging others to lace up that first pair of shoes by sharing in her experiences, lessons learned, and new roads to discover. 

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Cassie Hawrysh

Cassie Hawrysh is a Professional Skeleton Racer with the Canadian National Team, who currently resides in Calgary, AB. 

Starting skeleton at the age of 25, Cassie gave herself five years to make the National Team. In 2012, she was given an opportunity to join the team, and she’s never looked back - nothing makes her happier than sliding head-first at 140 kilometers per hour! She’s one of the very few athletes that are a natural at the sport, and she’s taken it in stride despite the many roadblocks she’s experienced along the way.

In a short period of time, Cassie has made significant advances in her career with highlights that include:

  • Placing first at the Canadian World Cup selection races in Calgary and Whistler in 2013
  • Two fourth-place finishes and an eighth overall ranking during the 2012-2013 World Cup circuit
  • Rank of 10th in the world

Cassie’s training in a variety of sports has played a vital role in preparing her for the athleticism needed to be a skeleton slider.  During the off-season, Cassie has dry-land training five days a week, for four to five hours, building her strength and muscle mass for the winter season. She’s learned a lot about nutrition over the years and incorporates healthy eating into her every day routine. Her biggest focus is to eat healthy vegetables, protein, and good fats while staying consistent with her portion control and mealtimes. After a long training session, a cold glass of chocolate milk helps her maintain her energy levels and stimulates proper recovery. 

You can find Cassie on Twitter and her blog.

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Teague Sherman

“Speed Kills” is one of the most common sayings in football. That’s why Winnipeg Blue Bombers Linebacker, Teague Sherman, dedicates each day to becoming a faster and more efficient runner – whether he is on the field, in the gym or on the track.

Teague has a long history of playing football, including a five-year career for the University of Manitoba Bisons, where he was named the first team all-Canadian in each of his final two seasons with the team.

In 2012, Teague was more than ecstatic when he was asked to join the Winnipeg Blue Bombers as Safety. During his second season with the Blue Bombers, he started 13 games and recorded 55 tackles and 5 forced fumbles. Now having a true taste of the CFL, Teague is more focused than ever on becoming a more powerful football player. To help achieve this, Teague started training with Adam Decker out of Sport Manitoba and has already seen improvements in his speed and power. Along with Adam, Teague is working with nutritionist Chris Hyde, who is also a believer in the power of chocolate milk, and has built it into his diet.

Nutrition and eating right is clearly a very important component to Teague’s day-to-day training, which is why chocolate milk has always been his go-to recovery beverage. In fact, he has always wondered why recreation centres don’t have chocolate milk in their vending machines, specifically for after workouts.

Teague is all for promoting the power of chocolate milk in any way he can!

You can find Teague on Twitter.

Michyla Kielo

Michyla Kielo lives on a grain and beef farm with her husband and three young children in central Saskatchewan. She works part time as a massage therapist and infant massage instructor.

Michyla caught the distance running bug in 2010. She has finished seven half marathons and has at least three more on her 2015 race calendar, with many 10K and 5K races in between. She met her 2014 goal of a 10K personal best in April, and then again in September. She was also thrilled with a second place female finish and age group win at the Heartbeat Run in Saskatoon in September.

Michyla is happy that her running has shown her children that physical activity is a way of life, and they often join her for the first mile or two, either on foot or on their bikes. They all enjoy a glass of chocolate milk afterwards!

You can find Michyla on Twitter and her blog

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Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy’s main focus as an athlete is long-course triathlons and as
part of the journey, he can be found on a variety of triathlon, cycling and running
start lines. 2013 saw his return to Iron Distance racing, finishing as the 10th
Male Pro at Challenge Penticton.

Born and raised in Australia, for the past 8 years Jeremy has been
lucky enough to call Vancouver, BC home. With a young family, which includes
two young girls, setting a good example and keeping active is a key part of his
daily routine.

Fitting training into daily life can be challenging at times
however Jeremy integrates it into many of his daily activities and can often be
seen riding to work or singing along to kid’s music while pushing the stroller
on runs with his two-year-old.

Community involvement is very important to Jeremy, who trains with
fellow athletes on a regular basis for swimming, biking and running.  He is a member of Triathlon BC, Cycling BC and
BC Athletics.  In 2013, Jeremy has been
at the start line of 27 races so far participating in triathlon, running and

You can find Jeremy
on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and his Blog

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DJ Lalama

DJ Lalama is a personal trainer and a varsity collegiate football player from Winnipeg, Manitoba. For the last three years, he has played varsity football as a linebacker for the University of Manitoba Bisons. He was the starting middle linebacker and leading tackler on the Bisons when the team won the Hardy Cup (Canada West Conference Championship) in 2014.

Off the field, you can find DJ working as a personal trainer, health and fitness consultant, and football academy director at Elite Performance. Elite Performance provides athletic training and rehabilitation in Winnipeg, serving 20,000 athletes since 2000. He also holds the position of Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for the Manitoba Junior Bisons sports teams. As a trainer, DJ understands how important recovery is after each workout and game, and makes sure he has chocolate milk on hand at all times.

DJ started playing football at a very young age, playing for the Fort Gary Lions for 7 years and the St. Paul’s Crusaders AAA high school team for 3 years. He is awaiting the 2016 CFL entry draft with the hopes of continuing to play the game he loves professionally.

Athletic Highlights:

2010 Provincial Football Team Captain
2010 Football All Canadian
2010 Doug Brown football and overall achievement scholarship recipient
2010 WHSFL and WHSHL All Star and MVP
2010 Elite Training Center Most Valuable Player
Academic All Canadian Football Athlete

DJ graduated from the University of Manitoba with honours in Kinesiology and Recreation Management and minors in both Psychology and Business. His immediate focus is preparing for his 2015 season with the Bisons and positioning himself well for the 2016 CFL draft. He plans to continue his education by obtaining an MBA in the near future. 

You can find DJ on TwitterFacebook and Instagram

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Rafael Lopez

Raf Lopez is a runner and triathlete born and raised in Calgary, Alberta.  For the past five years he has been competing as an amateur in endurance distance events from half marathons up to full Ironmans.  While balancing training with a full-time job, Raf lives with a passion for sport and athletics that he shares through run clubs, social media, and interactions with others in training and racing.

In 2009, Raf entered to compete in his first race, a local sprint duathlon just outside of Calgary.  When he crossed the finish line in 15th place, nerves and anxiety about racing were replaced with a drive to compete and a calling to race something bigger.  Two years later, he was on the start line of Ironman Canada in Penticton where he finished his first Ironman in eleven and a half hours.  The year after that he represented Canada as an amateur at the 2012 International Triathlon Union’s Long Course World Championship in Vittoria-Gasteiz, Spain.

He has raced a number of half marathons, raced in cycling and cyclocross, and completed another Ironman in Whistler, BC.  But in spite of completing two marathons in Ironman triathlon, with a personal best at the 42.2km distance of 3h59min, he has never raced a standalone marathon.

“Honestly, the idea of racing an open marathon scares me and I have a lot of respect for that distance and the athletes who race it,” says Raf. “In Ironman when you’re running off the bike, it’s hard but even though you’re going as fast as you can, you’re running well inside of what you would typically run.  In a standalone marathon, you’re right on the edge for 42.2km.”

His goal for 2015 is to run three hours at the Calgary Marathon and qualify for the Boston Marathon in 2016.  He recognizes that it’s no small task and credits his wife Shirley who is also a competitive athlete as a major league soccer player in Calgary, and his father who ran his first marathon at the age of 59 in 2012, as two of the people who inspire him to set his eyes on such high goals.

He jokes that “he drives friends crazy” by setting unsolicited goals for them in their own athletic pursuits.  “I love what sport does for people, and I think it’s really important that if you’ve got a passion for sport, that you share it,” he laughs. “So sometimes I might set targets for others before they do!”

He concludes by saying, “signing up to do Ironman was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done and I wanted to do it for years before I had the courage to sign up.  Looking back, my only regret is that I didn’t sign up to do it sooner.  Now the marathon is the thing that I want to do that scares me, so I’m going to do it.”

You can find Rafael on Twitter, Facebook and by visiting his blog.

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Leland Guillemin

Leland Guillemin is a competitive fencer on Team Canada, who was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. Leland took up fencing in 2004 when an injury forced him to quit hockey. He quickly fell in love with fencing and realized that he had a natural talent for the sport. In 2006 he moved to Saskatoon to train at the Provincial Training Centre in pursuit of his goal of someday fencing at the Olympic Games. 

In 2007, Leland won the Saskatchewan Provincial Junior Championship and the Western Canadian Junior Championship and finished 2nd at the National Junior Championship. That same year, he was awarded Saskatchewan's Junior Epeeist of the year. In the following fencing season, Leland traveled overseas for the first time, going head-to-head with some of the world's top fencers in Germany. 

In 2011, Leland’s fencing career hit a snag when he was diagnosed with a rare degenerative eye disease called Keratoconus. After a successful experimental surgery to retain his vision, Leland recovered and got back to the fencing piste in time for the next season. 

Leland currently trains 6 days a week, often twice a day. He follows regimented fitness and meal plans as laid out by his trainer Andrew Leslie at Craven Sports and nutritionist Stephanie Langdon at Something Nutrishus.

Leland finished the 2013-2014 season ranked 5th in Canada. He looks to improve his ranking and represent Canada at the World Championships in 2015, before starting his qualification year for the Olympic Games in Rio!

Aside from training and competing, Leland loves to give motivational talks to up-and-coming athletes in the province of Saskatchewan. He is eager to lend a hand, ear, or share his experiences.

You can find Leland on Twitter, Facebook and by visiting his blog.

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Gilmore Junio

Gilmore Junio is a world-class long track speed skater living in Calgary, AB. Gilmore started his speed skating career at the age of 13 as a short track competitor. After fracturing two vertebrae in a competition just two weeks prior to the Short Track Junior World Selections, Gilmore switched gears to train with the Olympic Oval’s long track team. Later that year he made the Junior Worlds for long track.

Gilmore finished the 2013-2014 World Cup season with three World Cup medals, ranking 6th overall and setting a personal best time in the 500m, the second fastest time ever skated by a Canadian.

At his first Olympics in Sochi, Russia, Gilmore finished 10th in the 500m. However, what he might be remembered for most was what he did for the team. Gilmore gave up his spot in the 1000m to teammate and renowned speed skater, Denny Morrison, after Morrison had fallen at the Olympic Selections. Morrison would go on to win a silver medal and the two shared that incredible moment with Canada.

Gilmore is a proud Calgarian who enjoys giving back to his community and he has partnered with charities like Right to Play and United Way of Calgary.

Training as an elite athlete, nutrition is an incredibly important part of Gilmore’s regime. “Chocolate milk is a vital part of my training program… it helps me recover and be ready for all my training sessions,” says Gilmore. “I am so excited to be an ambassador for Powered by Chocolate Milk.”

You can follow Gilmore on Twitter and his blog

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Nikki Scott

Nikki Scott is the mom of two little boys and a huge believer in the power of recovery. In 2005, she broke her back in a serious car accident and was told she would never be able to run or be active again because she would always be in too much pain. After 2 years of full-time physical therapy, she was no longer willing to believe that and set her sights on running again. With her doctor's support, Nikki joined a clinic at her local Running Room and began the slow process of learning to run again.

Every run was a struggle, but she was determined to work hard despite being the slowest runner in her group. Eventually, Nikki found she was getting stronger and able to run further. Getting into better shape was making it easier to manage her pain, even though her body would never be the same. With the support and encouragement of her clinic instructors, she completed her first half marathon in May 2008.

Since then, Nikki has continued to run because of the positive impacts it has made in her life. Recovering from her accident taught Nikki the power of believing in herself, which has helped her run farther than she ever thought possible. She has completed 19 half marathons, 3 full marathons and 2 ultra-marathons since. Nikki is a firm believer that it's not speed that makes a runner successful, but how hard you work to reach your goals. A big part of Nikki's success has been in learning how to recover properly after training or racing. Chocolate milk has always been her favourite way to refuel and it doesn't hurt that her boys love it too!

You're most likely to find Nikki at run club or a local finish line with a chocolate milk in hand and a smile on her face. You can also find her on her blog, where she writes about her life from injury to ultra, and on Twitter.

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Gillian Clayton

Gillian Clayton lives in Courtenay, BC, and works part time as a physiotherapist. Previously a CIS gold medalist varsity soccer player, Gillian started running marathons in 2004. She taught herself to swim in order to complete in her first half-Ironman in 2010. Gillian raced as a professional triathlete in 2012 — and won the 2012 Ironman Canada — after just 2 years of racing as an amateur in triathlon.

In 2013, she and her husband welcomed a beautiful baby boy into their life. She raced 'for fun' while pregnant, doing short distance triathlons! As a new mom, Gillian has a new perspective on life and sport, and is frequently writing about her efforts to balance training, racing, and mom-hood.

Some of her top achievements include:

  • Women’s Amateur Winner & 5th place overall in Ironman Canada 2011
  • Ironman Canada Pro Women’s Champion 2012
  • 3rd place in Ironman Mt. Tremblant
  • 4th place in Ironman St. George
  • 5th place in Ironman Lake Stevens
  • 4th place Goodlife Victoria Marathon 2012
  • 12th place Goodlife Victoria Marathon 2014
  • 4th place Mt Washington YETI 10km Snowshoe race 2014
  • 1st place 5th St Mile race, Courtenay BC (with a broken arm!)
  • 13th place ITU Elite World Championship Long Course Triathlon  

With a heavy training schedule, Gillian is a dedicated believer in chocolate milk for recovery. "When I train, I train a lot – 20-30 hour training weeks means I am constantly sourcing out chocolate milk. It is a big part of my hydration – I might as well hydrate and fuel at the same time. When you do as many double and triple sessions as a triathlete, having something that aids recovery and gets you on to the next workout sooner is crucial.”

You can find Gillian on Twitter and her blog.

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Greg Burnham

After spending 40 years as a couch potato, Greg caught the fitness bug. Progressing from 10ks to half to full marathons, from student to marathon clinic leader, Greg has taken the next logical step and signed up for not one, but two ultra-marathons in 2013 (in addition to a dozen other races). Whether it's on the street or the trail - if there's a bib and a timing chip, Greg will be there especially if there's chocolate milk at the finish line for recovery. Greg is thrilled to be a part of Powered By Chocolate Milk's Athlete Ambassador Program.

You can find Greg on Twitter and his blog.

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Crystal Higgins

Crystal Higgins is a private practice registered dietitian and nutrition consultant in Vancouver, BC. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree (Hons.) in Dietetics from the University of British Columbia and completed a comprehensive internship program in Fraser Health Authority (2006-2007).

Throughout her career, she has worked with a wide variety of clients, from busy working professionals to seniors and young students. Her experience in nutrition includes working as a nutrition tour leader for Overwaitea Food Group, promoting healthy living in BC schools and facilitating lunch-n-learn presentations. Currently, she is working with Medisys Corporate Health, helping local executives navigate the world of nutrition.

In addition to her role as a nutrition ambassador for Powered By Chocolate Milk, Crystal is also the featured dietitian on Empowered Health – a local health inspired show on Chek TV – and her nutrition segments are featured on the Vancouver Sun website.

As a BCRPA certified group fitness instructor at Steve Nash Fitness World, Crystal also understands the balance between nutrition and exercise, and brings experience teaching both small and large fitness groups. 

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Steph Langdon

Steph Langdon is a Registered Dietitian, entrepreneur, and the owner of Something Nutrishus with a BSc. in Nutrition from the University of Saskatchewan. She has played volleyball for Team Saskatchewan, Team Canada, the U of S Huskies and two professional teams in Finland, which has helped her understand the nutrients and fuel needed for health and performance. Steph is passionate about health, wellness, and the enjoyment of food. With more than four years counselling experience, expertise working with thousands of people in presentations/workshops, as well as personal experience as a busy student-athlete, she understands the daily struggles, nutrition concerns, and confusion that people face as they strive to live their best life. Along with her role with Powered by Chocolate Milk, Steph works as a consultant for the Sport Medicine and Science Council of Saskatchewan, the Canadian Forces, Lead Pilates Saskatoon, and SaskMilk as well as various freelance jobs.

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Jen Rawson

Jen Rawson is a Registered Dietitian. She has a passion for encouraging others to live a healthy lifestyle while finding balance in their life. She has an “all food fits” philosophy and tries to promote eating mindfully.

Jen also has a passion for fitness, which started when she signed up for her first half marathon. Since then she has gone on to run six half marathons and recently completed her first full marathon. When she’s not running she’s at the gym lifting weights or in the yoga studio.

Jen’s passions for both nutrition and fitness sparked her interest for sports nutrition and she enjoys working with individuals and groups to discuss their specific needs.

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Jorie Janzen

Jorie is no ordinary dietitian.  Her high energy, dedication, motivation and humor have allowed her to work with high performance athletes, corporate wellness and individuals coaching them to go beyond survival mode to create a life, a business of both success and significance.

Jorie received her undergrad degree at the University of Manitoba and furthered her education with the prestigious 2 year International Olympic Committee Diploma in Sport Nutrition and obtained her ISAK Level 1 Certification.  To add to all of this...Jorie has become a Life/Executive Coach!

Jorie has been working and mentoring in the field for over a decade.  She works for the Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba as Director of Sport Dietetics.   She was past president of and continues to participate on the Sport Medicine and Science Council Manitoba Board, past co-chair of Dietitians of Canada Sport Nutrition Network and current provincial executive representative, and is the founder and co-chair of the Manitoba Sport Nutrition Network Inc.  With each and every work opportunity, Jorie coaches her clients to live to their ultimate potential!

Jorie has extensive experience working with provincial, national and Olympic/Para-Olympic level athletes, the Winnipeg Jets, Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Faculty of Family Medicine, and Legacy and Pan Am Sport Medicine Fellowships.

Jorie’s motto is to help you achieve gold medal performance in all areas of life!  

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Alice Sherwin

Alice is a runner and teacher from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has been running competitively in Canada and around the world since 2006. Alice is currently training for her third full marathon while striving for a healthy balance in her personal life and professional career.

In university, Alice ran for Bison Track, competing in cross country and long distance events. She has always preferred long distances, and competes in road races in the off-season. In 2013, Alice completed her first full marathon, placing 2nd overall in the Manitoba Marathon. In 2014, she placed first overall in the Manitoba Marathon and landed on the Top 100 Most Fascinating Manitobans list. This year, she is training for the Boston Marathon, taking place in April.

You can find Alice on Twitter, Instagram and her blog

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Chris Winter

Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Chris is an elite middle distance runner competing for Canada, New Balance and The Speed River TFC. In 2009 he graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Business Administration. Post-graduation he moved back home to Canada where he joined the Speed River Track and Field Club, based out of Guelph, Ontario and began working with his current coach Dave Scott-Thomas.

Since that time Chris has competed for Canada on a number of national teams in track-and-field, cross country and road running. In 2014, he competed in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland where he placed 6th in the 3000m Steeplechase.

While training and competing all over the world, Chris continues to work part-time for Inbox Marketer, a Digital Messaging company based out of Guelph, Ontario. In addition, he serves on the Board of Directors for both B.C. Athletics, as their Male Athlete Director, and The Whistler Spirit Run as their Vice-President.

With the help and support of his sponsors, coaches, friends and family, Chris is pursuing an Olympic dream with the ultimate goal of qualifying for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Career Highlights

  • 2014 Commonwealth Games (6th Place – Steeplechase)
  • 2013 World Track & Field Championships (22nd Place – Steeplechase)
  • 2013 World Cross Country Championships (33rd Place)
  • 2014 Canadian Track & Field Championships (Bronze Medalist – Steeplechase)
  • 2013 Canadian Track & Field Championships (Silver Medalist – Steeplechase)
  • 2012 Canadian Track & Field Championships (Bronze Medalist – Steeplechase)
  • 8:28.1 3000m Steeplechase (#9 Canadian All-Time List)
  • 2009 PAC-10 Track & Field Championships (Gold Medalist – Steeplechase)
  • 2009 NCAA D1 Track & Field Championships (9th – Steeplechase)
  • 2003 World Youth Track & Field Championships (Bronze Medalist)
You can find Chris on TwitterInstagram, and on his blog, Chasing Rio 2016

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Jonathan Torchia

Representing the 204 is Jonathan Torchia. Jonathan fell in love with running 6 years ago and hasn't looked back. He is currently working towards his Boston Qualifier (3:05). He has completed over 30 half marathons, 3 full marathons, a handful of 10k/5k races and a few triathlons.

Jonathan is the Founder and Race Director of the WFPS Half Marathon, which is the 2nd largest running event in the province of Manitoba, on its way to donating over $135,000 in its short 3 years. He also co-created lululemon Polo Park’s highly successful WRC (Winnipeg Run Club) in which a weekly attendance is 30+ people.

When he is not running, event planning or coaching he can be found working as a paramedic with the City of Winnipeg, traveling, or relaxing with his family and friends. 

You can find Jonathan on Twitter and Instagram.


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Chris Tse

Chris Tse is an Edmontonian that eats and breathes fitness. A scientist by trade, but a community developer at heart, Chris has dedicated his career to helping others achieve their goals.

As a co-owner and personal trainer at Blitz Conditioning Inc., Chris spends his days empowering his clients collaborating in the community and always finds time to sweat. He believes that engraining a healthy-active lifestyle is a top Edmonton priority and work tirelessly to communicate the importance of physical fitness to the city he loves.

As a result Chris is always trying new types of fitness to compliment his love of weight training, the most recent being running. As a new endurance runner, he has competed in several local races ranging from five to 30 kilometers. His favourite distance is half marathon.

When Chris isn’t exploring the Edmonton river valley, he is building relationships focused on developing healthy communities and working with a variety of partners to share his passion for making fitness fun and challenging.

Chris’ motto is: “You never ‘make it.’ With each success must come a newer, more ambitious goal. You haven’t crossed the finish line until you die broke and leave the world a better place than when you found it.” - Casey Neistat

You can find Chris on Twitter and Instagram

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Paul Cutting

Paul Cutting is a man of many hats, working to balance family, career and training. During the summer months he competes in cycling events including on and off-road Fondos, mountain biking, and general cycling training. Paul is also a coach for Canada's largest all female cycling team (110+ members) based out of Regina, Spoke n’ Hot Women’s Cycling. The group meets weekly to learn and develop road cycling skills and fitness. In 2013, TSN followed him during the 2013 Subaru Saskatoon Triathlon as an age group competitor. This year, his first priority has become parenting his first child.

In the fall you can find Paul organizing trail run events and off road duathlons. When winter hits Saskatchewan, Paul doesn't stop.  He changes his focus to cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Again putting Saskatchewanians to the test by hosting a snowshoe series that spans January, February and March. Paul has also completed three consecutive Tour of Sufferlandria races, a nine-day cycling event held indoors during the winter.

Paul also volunteers on the Board of Directors for the Regina Multisport Club and won the 2014 Volunteer of the Year award from the Saskatchewan Triathlon Association.

You can follow Paul on Twitter and Instagram.

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Jason Oliveri

Jason Oliveri is a pilot for the Australian Men’s Bobsleigh team and has been competing since 2008.

Born in Australia, Jason grew up on the east coast in sunny Brisbane, seemingly as far away from snow and ice as you can get! As a youth he competed in basketball and junior athletics and excelled in sprinting. He always had a dream to represent Australia at the Olympics.

Jason eventually decided to follow in the footsteps of his uncle, Ted Polglaze, who was also a former sprinter and represented Australia at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano in the 4-man bobsleigh event.

After an interesting, first ever run down the course where the brakes on the sled failed to work, Jason was hooked. He eventually moved from the back of the sled as a brakemen to the front seat as a pilot.

Jason has recently relocated to Vancouver and will be training in the city and at the Whistler track. He plans to compete in the North America’s Cup bobsleigh circuit which will take him to tracks in Whistler and Calgary in Canada, and Park City and Lake Placid in the USA.

Jason ultimately hopes to represent Australia in bobsleigh at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

You can find Jason on Twitter and Instagram.

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Jeremy Eckert

Jeremy Eckert was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, where he started getting serious about high jump in high school. He then attended the University of Regina, where he received his Business Admin. Degree with Distinction while excelling as a varsity athlete. 

During his university career, Jeremy's accomplishments include:

  • Two-time Canadian Inter-University Sport (CIS) gold medalist
  • Five-time Canada West gold medalist (undefeated)
  • Team Canada member at the World University Games in Russia, and Francophone Games in France (2013)
  • High Jump Record Holder: U of R Cougars, Saskatchewan indoor/outdoor, Canada West
  • Personal best of 2.19m (7’2″)
  • CIS Field Athlete of the Year (2011)
  • Three-time Academic All-Canadian (maintaining an 80 per cent average while participating as a varsity athlete)

Jeremey is currently ranked third in Canada in high jump. He is working hard towards his dream of competing in the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janerio. He has been training at ALTIS, an elite training centre in Phoenix, Arizona with world-class coaches and other top-ranked athletes. Jeremy also enjoys other fitness activities like basketball and weight lifting to improve his jumping.

Jeremy’s spare time is spent learning (especially about nutrition, recovery and performance), running a massage practice to support his athletic career, and starting a website business.

You can find Jeremy on Twitter and his website

Rene Beaumont

Rene Beaumont is an avid runner from Ste. Anne, Manitoba. He is a stay-at-home dad and when he isn’t spending time with his two daughters, you’ll find him running, playing hockey or riding his bike.

Long-distance running is a passion for Rene, which began eight years ago when he started running with his now wife. With a couple of relay and 10 km races under his belt, he decided to try his first half marathon in June 2009. One marathon a year turned into two and kept increasing until he was running four races a season. He was hooked!

Rene has completed three full marathons and 14 half marathons with a personal best time of 1:26:40. This past October, he completed the Twin Cities Marathon in Minneapolis with a time of 3:09:01, which qualified him for the Boston Marathon in 2017. He also finished third overall in a 30 km race with a time of 2:06 and finished first in the Ste-Anne Duathlon in 2014.

It’s easy for Rene to stay motivated because he absolutely loves running. He continually tests himself physically and mentally in order to keep improving and makes sure to recover properly with chocolate milk after each run!

Follow Rene on Twitter

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