Linda Wong

Photo of Linda Wong

Linda Wong is a runner through and through but it hasn't always been that way.  With a few encouraging words and guidance from peers, she laced up her first pair of shoes just over 10 years ago and hasn't looked back.  Now, with over 150 races including a few ultramarathons, she's passionate about paying it forward and encouraging others to lace up that first pair of shoes by sharing in her experiences, lessons learned, and new roads to discover. 

Giving Back to Community

Over the past few weeks, I've dedicated some of my free time to giving back to my running community by volunteering. Working on events, I've come…

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Run Group Etiquette

With the introduction of new running races (lululemon Seawheeze) and the growing popularity of legacy races (Vancouver Sun Run, Scotiabank Vancouver…

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Recover! Then Run.

The BMO Vancouver Marathon was just 10 days ago, I'm reminding myself. Being a runner with an A-type personality, it's hard to stop after a big race…

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