Cassie Hawrysh

Photo of Cassie Hawrysh

Cassie Hawrysh is a former Professional Skeleton Racer with the Canadian National Team, who is currently the Skeleton Head Coach at the Whistler Sliding Centre’s - Sliding Development Centre in Whistler, BC.

Through her 8 year career in as a Skeleton Racer, Cassie celebrated highlights that include:

  • Winning both Calgary and Whistler to take the Canadian National Championship title in 2013/14
  • Two World Cup medals and a 2012/13 World Cup ranking of 8th overall.
  • Being named the Canadian Alternate Sled in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

Cassie’s elite background, in a variety of sports (volleyball, track and field, and skeleton) has played a vital role in her athletic career. When she’s not trackside coaching the next generation of winter athletes, Cassie enjoys staying healthy and active through many other sports too, no matter the weather: wakeboarding, weight lifting, cycling, rock climbing, skiing, snowshoeing, skating, and recently took a shining to the intense martial arts practice of Muay Thai kickboxing!

She has also learned a lot about the importance of nutrition over the years and incorporates healthy eating into her everyday routine. Her biggest focus is always to eat specifically for her body. Vegetables, protein, and good fats work best for Cassie; while staying consistent with portion size and mealtimes. After a long training session in the gym or hiking up and down the mountain-side sliding track, a cold glass of chocolate milk helps her maintain her energy levels and stimulates proper recovery.

You can find Cassie on Twitter, Instagram and her blog.

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