Alice Sherwin

Photo of Alice Sherwin

Alice is a teacher in Winnipeg, Manitoba who has been running competitively in Canada and around the world since 2006. She constantly strives for a healthy balance of running, teaching and her personal life.

With a background in Canoe/Kayak and Track and Field, Alice spends much of her free time running and searching for adventure. She enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling and exploring.

Her most memorable races are winning the Manitoba Marathon in 2014 and achieving a personal best time at Twin Cities Marathon 2015.

Alice’s personal best in the marathon is 3:00:47, and she's looking to break the 3:00:00 barrier. Next year, she'll also run the Fargo Marathon, the Toronto Waterfront, and will be looking to break 1:24 in a half marathon.

You can find Alice on Twitter, Instagram and her blog