Runners are a picky bunch. From playlists to socks to gloves to hydration, every runner is particular about, well, pretty much everything.

And fuelling is no exception - ask 10 runners what the ideal pre-race meal is, and you’re guaranteed to get 10 different answers (for the record, the correct answer is grilled chicken, steamed broccoli and quinoa.) Further complicating this is the host of, for lack of a better term, eating regimes. Paleo, plant-based, gluten-free and vegetarian; just to name ones that are in vogue this week.

But, and here’s the key, the best pre-race meals are the ones that work best for you! When I’ve lead marathon clinics I stress to everyone that the training isn’t just about the running, it’s also about your fuelling and hydration. The Sunday long runs are the perfect opportunity to find out what Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast allows you to perform at the level you’re seeking. And on top of that is what you consume during the long runs and races. Gu? Hammer? PowerBar? Honey Stingers? Are you going to hydrate with Nuun? Gatorade? Water?

Of course, the one unassailable truth in all this is that there is no better refuel post-run than Chocolate Milk.