By now you should all feel better acquainted with our new friend 2015 – you may have slipped up a couple times and tried to write 2-0-1-4, but don’t worry the new year forgives you. 

With resolutions, promises and plans for a better you, every January brings with it the magical sense of renewal. A chance that not only allows us to start fresh but can help us acknowledge a great deal of both past and future success.

Personally, I began this year with a vengeance.  I have been chasing the clock as a Canadian Skeleton racer for more than half a decade now. I have experienced the ups, the downs, the twists and turns. I’ve ended up on my back, landed face first, tripped and gotten back up countless times.

In 2013/14 I battled for a spot on the Sochi Winter Olympic Team, and while it was in my grasp – the path changed and I had to act accordingly. I could only get as close as being named the “Alternate” but that experience alone has helped to shape me as an individual both on and off the ice more than a combination of others ever could.

That being said – I was very excited to begin 2014/15 season – little did I know it would come with even more challenges: financial, technical, logistical, emotional and physical.

However, instead of letting these variables and the residual sadness from an Olympics - missed rule my world - I made a resolution of my own, one I could actually keep.

I decided to stop.

To stop comparing myself to others and to stop worrying about what others thought. To make short and long term plans so that I stop waiting and I can stop doubting. To choose a positive focus in my thoughts, to stop feeling sorry for myself and above all else, to do everything in my power to stop standing in my own way!

This is far from a perfect system, and certainly some days I fail miserably at staying on track – but through it all, I have confidently influenced and enabled myself to continue my passion of competing as one of the best Skeleton Racers in the world. And during this season, I clinched the “3rd place Overall” title for the InterContinental Cup circuit; and I can promise - this is just the beginning.

The point is, no matter what your passion – step back, pause and take time to breathe. You may have a running list of all things you need/want/have to do – but I can promise you, there is a list just as long of all the things you are doing entirely right. Remember to read them both.

I’ll drink to that – chocolate milk, of course.