The Powered by Chocolate Milk Contender’s Lounge is a concentrated warm up  and cool down arena where athletes, weekend warriors, and everyone in between can prepare for their Mud Run heat and replenish their aching muscles post competition. In 2014, The Contender’s Lounge will be featured at 9 Mud Races across Canada. If you are participating in any of the following events, we encourage you to stop by, stretch your tired muscles and enjoy a cold chocolate milk.

Here is the list of events for 2014:

June Races:

June 14 - Spartan Race, North Vancouver, BC

June 21 - Tough Mudder, Whistler, BC


July Races:

July 5 - Dirty Donkey Mud Run, Saskatoon, SK

July 5 - Spartan Race, Edmonton, AB


August Races:

August 9 - Manitoba Mud Run - Winnipeg, MB

August 16 - Spartan Race - Calgary, AB

September Races:

September 6 - Spartan Race - Red Deer, AB

September 20 - Swamp Donkey Adventure Race - Falcon Lake, MB

September 27 - Spartan Race - Sun Peaks, BC