Football is an intense, yet unforgiving game. A four-month season that’s depicted by the hard work and dedication that took place in the 8 months leading up to it – the off-season.

One might think football (Canadian College in particular) is the shortest of competitive seasons and thus ‘easy’ to accomplish. But that perception could not be more wrong.

Football is the one sport in which your off-season – the workload and maintenance of your body while not playing – directly correlates to how your competitive season will unfold.

There are those that dream of being successful and then there are those who MAKE IT HAPPEN. Be the latter. Be someone who works harder than the next guy, and harder than your competition. Be someone who utilizes a long off-season to ensure success come before the fall. Be someone who goes beyond the simple measure within the gym setting, and someone who recognizes the importance of recovery.

Proper nutrition, yoga, speed, and rehab all synchronized will promote the greatest on-field results. For myself, and the rest of the Manitoba Bisons Football Team, we go at it 5 days a week in the gym, 2 days a week on the track, 1 day a week on the turf, 1 day a week in the pool and 1 day a week in yoga. For us, no other program does it better.

And guess what is consumed right after almost all of these sessions…you betcha – CHOCOLATE MILK! The best recovery product there is!