Calgary, Alberta

Gilmore Junio, Speed Skater

1. Favourite Running Route: Memorial Avenue River Path. Just pick a spot on the river pathway and you’ll find a spot to love; sunny Calgary days + the river pathway + a soothing run, bike ride, roller skate, long board or take your pick = a sweaty scene to enjoy. I’ve been sweating on the pathway for the past 12 years, and now it is part of my daily commute to the Olympic Oval; but whether I’m on a hard run or an easy bike ride the Memorial River Path is one of my favourite spots in the city.

2. Favourite Training Gym: The Olympic Oval. As a speed skater, and having grown up in Calgary, I have spent the past 13 years of my life at the Olympic Oval. It is a world-class facility with so much history in it –  the Wall of Champions, the Speed Skating Hall of Fame and the World Record banners all speak to that. The people and the experiences, good and bad, have produced the person I am today; for me, it’s like home.

3. Favourite Recovery Spot: The Main Dish (pictured above). After a hard workout where my brain cannot even fathom the prospect of cooking, The Main Dish is my go-to. I discovered “The Dish” two years ago and since then, it’s been my choice to fuel me before big races and after workouts. You can either dine-in or take it home to heat up. The Main Dish has your nutritional needs covered with optimal health in mind. And yes, they have chocolate milk.

4. Favourite Yoga Studio: Bodhi Tree. I started practicing yoga about six years ago and although I’ve bounced around to a couple different studios, Bodhi Tree is the one that sticks out to me as the place where I really honed in on the practice of yoga and my development as a person and an athlete. Although regular practice is hard due to a hectic training schedule, when I get a chance it’s my favourite spot.

5. Favourite Fitness Store: lululemon athletica. I would say I frequent a lululemon at least once or twice every two weeks. Not only are their clothes great for all sweaty endeavours, but the community of people they have and create is amazing.  On their community boards you can also find complimentary sweat endeavours ranging from classes to run clubs for beginners and seasoned veterans.

Regina, Saskatchewan

Paul Cutting, Cyclist

1. Favourite Running Route: Wascana Lake. My favorite run route is around Regina's famed Wascana Lake in Wascana Park. Throw in Regina's Devonian Pathway and you can get some serious mileage in on great urban trails. 

2. Favourite Training Gym: The Regina Boxing Club. A great small gym that throws workouts my way that pull me right out of my comfort zone. My lunch hours have never been the same. 

3. Favourite Cycle Shop: Western Cycle and Dutch Cycle. It's a tie. My TWO favorite bike shops are both family-owned businesses that provide great support to the cycling community in Regina.

4. Favourite Recovery Spot: Roca House. I'm a big fan of supporting local so I frequent the Roca House coffee shop off Rochdale Blvd. The shop has great coffee but also serves brilliant protein bars that they make in house. They love seeing cyclists come through their doors.

5. Favourite Fitness Store: Fresh Air Experience. When summer gives way to winter you can find me having my cross country skis serviced at Fresh Air Experience. They are also my go-to shop for getting me into the latest gear and clothing for my snowshoeing addiction.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Alice Sherwin, Marathoner

1. Favourite Running Route: Red River. My favourite running routes in the city are close to the Red River: down Scotia Ave., through the Forks, around Churchill Drive and Crescent Drive, through Whittier Park and down Wellington Crescent.

2. Favourite Fitness Store: City Park Runners. City Park Runners on Portage by Assiniboine Park has everything I need: shoes, clothes, nutrition, accessories and gear. The owner and employees are very friendly and knowledgeable. I also enjoy running with their run group from time to time - it’s a great community!

3. Favourite Recovery Spot: Massage Athletica. The owner Mike Booth is a well-known and successful runner. All of the massage therapists at the Waverly and Portage location know what they are doing and they listen to your needs. They just get me.

4. Favourite Boot Camp: Saikel.  A high intensity spin class with attitude! They have awesome technology showing everyone’s stats at the front of the class. The instructors push you hard, but keep the classes fun!

Honourable mention: The November Project. A fun, positive, free workout every week. Wednesday morning at 6:14 a.m. at the Forks.

5. Favourite Rec Centre: The Wellness Institute at Seven Oaks Hospital. They have all the equipment you could ever need (and a track!). The change rooms have a spa-like atmosphere to them. There’s a café to get food and a chocolate milk after your workout.