Canadian cyclist Tara Whitten won gold this weekend at the 2011 Track Cycling Championships in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. This is Tara's second consecutive win at this event. On her win, Tara comments, “to be able to defend the title means a lot.”

Tara, of Edmonton, Alberta, won the intense six-disciple omnium with 23 points and held strong through each race over the weekend.  Commenting on the support, “It's one thing to have the race of your life and to win one year, but to come back to win the next year when everybody's gunning for you, I didn't know if I could do it, and I'm just amazed and thrilled that I did.” Tara has now, without a doubt, demonstrated she is the one to be beat.

The two day, six race omnium cycling event will have its debut at the upcoming London Olympics. It will provide an even larger stage for the exciting event which has been gaining more traction recently.

For more information on the results, check out the full list of timing and scoring. For more information about Canadian Cycling, check out Canadian Cycling Association's website.