1. Run to a Destination

Make sure your kids get to enjoy the outdoors as well. Running to a playground or another destination that the kids love to go makes it fun for everyone. One thing I love to do is run to a place where I can grab a coffee and snack, then we head to a playground before running home.

2. Music Makes the Ride lots of Fun   

Most times I let the kids choose music to play on the run. If you have cheap Bluetooth speakers then you can place this in the stroller and control the tunes from your phone. Often as we go along we will have a little family sing-along!

3. Bring Snacks and Drinks

Don’t forget to bring snacks for yourself and the kids. Having water bottles that are “spill proof” are a definite advantage and making sure the kids can control access to the drinks and snacks easily, makes for an enjoyable run for all.

4. Adjust your sense of pace

Running with a stroller is harder work than running without. The wind, the surface you are running on and hills all make a huge difference. Depending on how big your little ones are, speeding up can be quite the effort as well. Take this as a good opportunity to learn how to run by feel and try not to worry about the GPS.

5. Make Sure the Kiddos are Comfortable and Safe

Make sure your kids are buckled up comfortably, the stroller tires are pumped up and the stroller is engaged in its running mode (yes, strollers often have a running mode). Once you have done that, make sure your passengers are dressed for the ride. On cooler days, a blanket will be welcome.

6. Faster, Faster – Let the Kids be the Boss

This is one for the brave – let the kids control your workout! Once they learn the words “faster, faster” you may end up running harder than you would have thought possible with a stroller!

7. Make Sure your Route is Stroller Friendly

Running with a stroller means you need to choose your route a little more carefully. You want to avoid bouncing on and off sidewalks and will need somewhere with a little space. Going for a run in scenic place with a nice wide trail is a great way for the kids to experience the outdoors. However, make sure that your planning includes bathrooms for little ones in need of a stop.

8. Be Ready for a Full Body Workout

Running with a stroller works a few extra muscles, so make sure you get used to the change in running style – both from the extra work your arms and upper body will need to do, to a change in running gait. Just make sure to be aware and not push anything too hard too early. I have found that running with a stroller works as a good strength workout with the extra resistance.

9. Be Adaptable and have Fun

Running with kids is going to mean some impromptu stops so it is not the best run for a structured workout. Embrace the randomness. When the kids want to get out and have a run let them copy you and have a little race! The main thing is to have fun as a family, so being adaptable in terms of your own run is key to this. 

10. Join a Stroller Friendly Race

Jumping into a race with the kids in a stroller can be a lot of fun for everyone. While not all races allow strollers based on size and course, there are some great ones out there that do. If the race has fancy dress, dress up the kids as well and make it an event while you’re out there for a run. You likely won’t run a “personal best” but it may just be the most fun you have had in a race.