Photo of Rene Beaumont

Rene Beaumont is an avid runner from Ste. Anne, Manitoba. He is a stay-at-home dad and when he isn’t spending time with his two daughters, you’ll find him running or riding his bike.

Long-distance running is a passion for Rene, which began 10 years ago when he started running with his now wife. With a couple of relay and 10 km races under his belt, he decided to try his first half marathon in June 2009. One marathon a year turned into two and kept increasing until he was running four races a season. He was hooked!

Rene has completed five full marathons and 18 half marathons with a personal best time of 1:25:40. He recently ran the Road 2 Hope marathon in Hamilton, which qualified him for the Boston Marathon in 2019. A dream come true!  He also finished third overall in a 30 km race with a time of 2:06 and finished first in the Ste-Anne Duathlon in 2014.

It’s easy for Rene to stay motivated because he absolutely loves running.  Never satisfied, Rene always wants to get better and faster.  He continually tests himself physically and mentally in order to keep improving and makes sure to recover properly with chocolate milk after each run!

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