Photo of Gillian Clayton

Gillian Clayton lives in Comox, BC, and works part time as a physiotherapist. Previously a CIS gold medalist varsity soccer player, Gillian started running marathons in 2004. She taught herself to swim in order to complete in her first half-Ironman in 2010. Gillian raced as a professional triathlete in 2012 — and won the 2012 Ironman Canada — after just 2 years of racing as an amateur in triathlon.

In 2013, she and her husband welcomed a beautiful baby boy into their life, and then their second boy in 2016. She raced 'for fun' while pregnant, doing short distance triathlons! As a new mom, Gillian has a new perspective on life and sport, and is frequently writing about her efforts to balance training, racing, and mom-hood.

Some of her top achievements include:

  • Women’s Amateur Winner & 5th place overall in Ironman Canada 2011
  • Top 50 Women’s finish at Ironman World Championship 2011 (with a top 3 women’s fastest run split) 2011
  • Ironman Canada Pro Women’s Champion 2012
  • Vancouver 1/2 Iron Champion 2012 
  • 12th place ITU Elite World Championship Long Course Triathlon 2012
  • 3rd place in Ironman Mt. Tremblant
  • 4th place in Ironman St. George
  • 5th place in Ironman Lake Stevens
  • 4th place Goodlife Victoria Marathon 2012
  • 12th place Goodlife Victoria Marathon 2014
  • 10th place GoodLife Victoria Marathon 2016
  • 1st place 5th St Mile race, Courtenay BC (with a broken arm!) 2014

With a dedicated training schedule amongst mom-ing, working, and everyday living, Gillian is a strong advocate for chocolate milk as part of her recovery regime. "When I train to compete, I train a lot – 20 hour training weeks mean I am constantly sourcing out chocolate milk. It is a big part of my hydration – I might as well hydrate and fuel at the same time. When you do as many double and triple sessions as a triathlete, having something that aids recovery and gets you on to the next workout sooner is crucial.”

You can find Gillian on Twitter, YouTube and her blog.