Our chocolate milk ambassadors are sport enthusiasts with a passion for a variety of sports. Some of them are competitive elite athletes, others just love to get out on the weekends. The one thing they have in common is that they use chocolate milk to recover after an intense workout.

Do you use chocolate milk for your post-workout recovery and want to talk about it? Contact social@poweredbychocolatemilk.com or send us a tweet @pbchocolatemilk for more information.

Photo of Rene Beaumont

Rene Beaumont


Rene Beaumont is an avid runner from Ste. Anne, Manitoba. He is a stay-at-home dad and…

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Photo of Greg Burnham

Greg Burnham


After spending 40 years as a couch potato, Greg caught the fitness bug. Progressing…

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Photo of Cassie Hawrysh

Cassie Hawrysh


Cassie Hawrysh is a Professional Skeleton Racer with the Canadian National Team, who…

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Photo of Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood


Jeremy’s main focus as an athlete is long-course triathlons and as part of the…

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Photo of Gilmore Junio

Gilmore Junio

Speed Skating

Gilmore Junio is a world-class long track speed skater living in Calgary, AB. Gilmore…

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Photo of DJ Lalama

DJ Lalama


DJ Lalama is a personal trainer and a varsity collegiate football player from Winnipeg…

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Photo of Nikki Scott

Nikki Scott


Nikki Scott is the mom of two little boys and a huge believer in the power of recovery. In…

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Photo of Alice Sherwin

Alice Sherwin


Alice is a runner and teacher from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has been running competitively…

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Photo of Chris Winter

Chris Winter


Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Chris is an elite middle distance runner…

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Photo of Andrea Burk

Andrea Burk

Rugby Union

Andrea Burk is a Women’s Rugby World Cup silver medalist (2014) for Canada, a…

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Photo of Rachel Cliff

Rachel Cliff


Rachel is an elite distance runner (5,000m – Half Marathon) who trains with the BC…

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Photo of Tom Hoogendorn

Tom Hoogendorn


Tom Hoogendorn, a BC dairy farmer and avid runner recently participated in the 2012 Boston…

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Photo of Andrew Schnell

Andrew Schnell


Andrew is a competitive squash player on Team Canada. Living and training in Calgary…

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